Yellow is the name of a memory during Act l, the player can find this memory inside of the Thomasina House in the kitchen area, behind the curtains.

Summary Edit

The memory is set around WWll when the Hastings are too poor to afford food and Percy has decided to not eat anything that isn't yellow. Arthur attempts to get him to eat bread, though he refuses to.

Transcript Edit

Arthur: "You have to eat it."

Percy: "I'm not, not hungry."

Arthur: "It's the only food there is."

Percy: "I'm not hungry!"

Arthur: "There's no yellow food to be had! There's no eggs. There's no cheese. There's definitely no butter."

Percy: "I saw a... I saw a... I saw a cauli... I saw a cauliflower down at the market. Brassica oleracea. And a yellow squash. Cu... Cucurbita... Cucurbita pepo."

Arthur: "We can't afford squash. Not unless Dad volunteers to work in Germany. Could you at least eat some bread."

Percy: "Get that away from me!"

Arthur: "You can smell the yeast. Right. Of course. I don't even know why I try sometimes."

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