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Yam Worshippers are an occult group that worship the Holy Yam on Wednesday Hill.

Act One: Edit

Arthur Hastings taking Histoplasma Mushrooms at night the door will open to Yam Occult. Going up Arthur witnesses the group preforming a chanting and praying to the Holy Yam. When the bongo player passes out, Arthur takes his place. When the sermon is done the Yam worshippers all pass out. Arthur approaches the Holy Yam, offering him one gift out of three for his suffering. After taking one, Arthur flees the scene before worshippers wake up.

Act Two: Edit

Sally Boyle finds the Yam Worshippers preparing to sacrifice Edmund Macmillan and eat his heart out. She can either spike their goblets or head on fight them.

Act Three: Edit

Ollie Starkey comes up to Wednesday Hill, now completely abandoned by the Yam Worships.

Trivia: Edit

  • The chant of the Yam Worshippers goes "I Yam What I Yam". This is a reference to Popeye The Sailor's first cartoon short (I Yam What I Yam) in 1933.
  • The abandonment of Yam followers may be linked to after Arthur Hastings stole the Holy Yam in Act One. Act Two with Sally Boyle, shows few remaining followers trying to bring the Yam back by sacrificing Edmund Macmillan.
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