Workbenches are crafting tables specifically used for crafting mechanical items that require a higher ranking.

The player can use a Workbench Upgrade Kit to upgrade the standard Workbench in that particular area, allowing the player to craft new mechanical items of a higher rank.

Locations Edit

Workbenches can be found in every single safe house in Wellington Wells, though they can also be rarely found in Wastrel's Houses, along with a recipe or two ontop for a craftable item.

There are two workbenches outside of Nick's Fab Pad.

Do note that there is a small chance for a recipe to not appear on the table.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player aquires the book, Engineer, they won't need a Workbench to craft rank 1 mechanical items.
  • Sally cannot use the workbench due to her personal perks.

Gallery Edit

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