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Joy Withdrawal is an ailment in We Happy Few. It is caused when the character's Joy meter depletes, consumes crash or uses a crash syringe

Effects Edit

When the character is afflicted with Withdrawal, the world around them that was once colorful will suddenly be dirty, colorless and gloomy, the sounds are slowed down a bit while also sounding a bit more distorted than earlier. When talking to people, their voice will echo.

Everyone in Hamlyn Village can see when someone is enduring withdrawal, and will start to fight unless the player takes another Joy pill.

DLC Edit

Oddly enough, Joy withdrawal in the DLCs are slightly different from the main game's Joy withdrawal. Nick Lightbearer experiences a visual effect similar to Withdrawal when he's at low health, and Victoria Byng experiences Withdrawal at the beginning of her campaigne. Here, NPCs eyes will go bright red, their voices will also be distorted and echo.

These are symptoms associated with Memory Loss, even though the player is experiencing Withdrawal at that moment in time.

Treatment Edit

The amount of Joy that the player took will affect how long withdrawal lasts, once the withdrawal meter depletes the player can go outside without fearing that someone will attack them.


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