Witches are rare supernatural enemies in We Happy Few. They can only appear during Act II and III, never in Act I.

Appearance Edit

The Witches wear dirty, black, torn dresses and a witches hat, their skin is grey and their eyes glow white. All Witches also have the same brown hairstyle in form of a beehive, most commonly seen on Wastrellettes.

Location Edit

Witches only appear in the Garden District, specifically nearby graveyards. If the player doesn't have a graveyard spawn on their map, they won't encounter any Witches.

The Weird Sisters are the only Witches in game that the player ever meets, as they are part of Sally's story.

Combat Edit

Witches will throw pink electrical projectiles towards the player that deal moderate damage, they can also cause bleeding sometimes, so caution is adviced.

It's important to note that unlike all other enemies, Witches won't stagger when they're being attacked.

Night Watch Edit

Witches make another appearance during the Night Watch arcade mode, serving as minibosses. They behave much like they do in the main game.

When killed, Witches drop 25£ and a Witch Key, the Witch Key can be used to unlock one Witch Chest which will award the player some gemstones worth around 75-85£.

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