William Godwin is a Wellie activist that resides in Maidenholm. He only appears in Act One.

Appearance Edit

William is a man with brown hair, brown eyes, he wears a red button shirt with a black vest ontop, black pants as well as black proper shoes, he also wears a black tie and a grey flat cap.

He has a Scottish accent.

Quest Edit

Arthur Hastings encounters him in Eric Blair Park, giving a speech to an angry crowd. He tries to tell them the truth but the crowd doesn't listen and throw bricks at him. After they leave, Arthur approaches him to his surprise.

He hands him "seditious" flyers to post around on the Community Message Boards in the Village. Returning after completing the task, he finds William's legs broken. He gives Arthur a crash syringe as a reward.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is reference to real life English journalist, political philosopher and novelist of the same name. William Godwin's political ranting is a satire of this.

Gallery Edit

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