What Were You Thinking? is a note found in We Happy Few.

Transcript Edit

Well, Arthur, you've gone and done it, haven't you. Not only rather spectacularly quit your job, but you're a Downer now. The townsfolk will unleash the hounds, or they would, if we hadn't eaten them twenty years ago.

The Wastrels do not seem terribly friendly. I hope they aren't really cannibals. Oh, God, I'm one of them now, aren't I?

I've got to get out of Welllington Wells. I've got to get over the Bridge, and off the islands. Which means i've got to get back into the Parade District, don't I? Which i was just chased out of. Brilliant.

Q. What in Dog's name were you thinking?

A. Percy. I saw his picture. From just before we put them all on the train.

God, all that horrible grinding steel. And the screams. How he must hate me.

Why did I tell the Jerries I was already 13? They were only off by 10 days. Why didn't I keep my mouth shut and get on the train and go off to Germany with him like I promised him?

I can't remember.

But I promised him. That's got to mean something. I've got to go find Percy, wherever he is, and make sure he's okay.

PS. How long have we been eating rats?

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