What Have We Buried is a side story quest located in Earl of Sandwich Park throughout all Acts.

Objectives Edit

  • Dig up the treasure

Requirements Edit

If the player doesn't have a shovel in hand, they can get one from the small wooden house inside of the park.

In-Game Description Edit

Arthur: I hope this is worth it!

Sally: So what was worth burying?

Ollie: I wonder what was worth burying?

Walkthrough Edit

The park is guarded by three Peepers, they can easily be taken out of the player has a Banger or Shock Grenade in hand for each of them. Darts and Glass Bottles will damage them too, but it will take quite a few throws before they're fully dealt with.

The player will have to vault over the fence in order to get inside, as every entrance is blocked. As soon as the player enters the park they will get the status "You're Tresspassing", meaning that any nearby Wellies will spot them unless they hide in the tall grass.

The player will have to sneak their way up to the digspot and then dig it, when doing so they will be concealed for a brief moment, then become visible for a split second, and then go back to being concealed again. When done, the chest will contain a Tearstained Letter, a Tearstained Doll and other random items.

Trivia Edit

  • In earlier builds, the player would find a woman named Anne Askew, who buried something in the park a day ago but cannot remember what or where she buried it. After injecting her with a crash syringe, the player has to get all of the other wellies out of the park as Anne doesn't want them to know about what she's doing. When this is done, Anne will cry under a tree with a sign on it, saying she buried it right under there, she will then say she doesn't want what's in it anymore and give it to the player. Oddly enough, the note and doll doesn't appear in the chest.
    • It can be assumed that she is the one who wrote the letter.
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