Wellington Under is a quest in We Happy Few. This quest takes place during the prologue in the Story Mode. Arthur Hastings has been knocked out by Bobbies and left behind in the Wellington Underground after the Bobbies smelled gas and decide to leave for their own safety. After waking up, Arthur must find his own way out.


  • Find a way up and out
  • Make a Lockpick and open the door

In-Game Description Edit

Where the hell am I? Somewhere under the Garden District, I think. I suppose I won't know until I can get topside. I need to find a way up and out.

Thank God I'm out of there. Thank God I don't live down there! Come to think of it, I don't live anywhere. Oh, God, where am I going to sleep?


Arthur will wake up in the underground tunnels where the Bobbies left him to die by the fumes, heading down the tunnel he will find a staircase leading down to a small base that the workers used to maintain.

By searching through the area he will find the materials needed to craft a lockpick and unlock the door that leads to the outside world.

Once the door is unlocked, Arthur finds the corpse of Rupert Underhill, Arthur will need the Electro-Lock Shocker next to his body in order to unlock the room with a control panel inside. Once opened, Arthur will be attacked by Theodore Miner, the same person who killed Rupert.

After learning how to fight the enemy, Arthur will press the button on the control panel which causes a ladder to emerge from the ceiling, allowing him to escape the underground base.

Collectibles Edit

The memory, Promises, can be found by the right of Rupert's corpse.

The notes, Diary of Prudence Holmes, Tie a String, Handwritten Letter, A letter from Miss Byng and Diary of Theodore Miner can be found throughout the area.

There is a Chest hidden away under a few pipes, it can be accessed by crawling through the vent in the room with the control panel.

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