Wednesday Hill, is a high towering hill located in Lud's Holm.

History Edit

During the German occupation it was at Wednesday Hill, where Margaret Worthing was shot and buried by the Germans.

Sometime after the German Occupation ended Wednesday Hill was then taken over by the Yam Occult.

We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur comes up the hill , while under influence of the Yam.

Act Two Edit

Sally comes up the hill when Cap'n Strawbeard asks her to rescue Eddie when he is been captured by the occult, and is about to be sacrificed.

Act Three Edit

Ollie comes up the hill to admire the view while having an encounter with the ghost of Margaret who is trapped due to sacrifices being done. And what'll release her is for the man who betrayed her to ask for forgiveness willingly. Ollie believed it was Jack, but it wasn't.

Trivia: Edit

  • Barmaid Jane Rowbothome tells Sally it wasn't originally called Wednesday Hill.
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