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The Weapons Tab.

Weapons are equip-able items that can be used for defence and/or combat purposes.

Buff SluggerAgain.png Combat[]


Using a weapon will cause the player's stamina to drop quite a bit compared to simply using one's fists, but will have a much greater effect on the opponent. The amount of stamina a weapon will take varies depending on the size of the weapon that the player wields.

Sometimes, the player is able to break the opponent's weapon. The chance of breaking their weapon can be enhanced by maxing out skills.


Combat is fairly simple, keep an eye on the stamina bar, block any and all attacks the opponents make, and strike at the enemy when they're not blocking or attacking the player.

If the player finds themselves in a mob, only one of the enemies will strike at the player at a time, though the others will be able to throw bricks or rocks at the player, as well as pushing them around.


If timed just right, the player can throw their opponent off guard by blocking the moment they're about to get hit. Doing this gives the player a second to quickly strike back at their enemy while they're disoriented.

Dodging Ranged Weapons[]

It's possible for the player to avoid getting hit by ranged weapons that the enemy may throw, all the player has to do is swing their melee weapon.

However, the player will have to make sure they swing the millisecond the enemy is about to throw their weapon, they also have to make sure their aim is high enough to hit the projectile so that they don't miss it and accidentally get hurt.

Finishing Move[]

If the opponent's health is low and they're stunned (either by electricity or hard hits), the player can perform a finishing move that not only kills or incapacitates the enemy (depends on the weapon), but also flings them back a fair bit. This can only be done by wielding melee weapons.

The animation is different depending on whether the player is in front of the enemy, or behind them.

Stamina Regeneration[]

To regain stamina quickly, the player will have to stay idle and not block with their weapon, as that reduces the speed of which stamina is regained. If they player was hit by a strong attack, it's possible for the stamina to take a few seconds before regaining again.

Throwing Ranged Weapons/Items[]

When wielding a ranged weapon, the player will automatically aim at the closest target. However, the player can also manually aim their throw at a desired location by holding down the attack button.

While manually aiming, the game will display a red laser-like line that shows the trajectory of the throw, with a white reticule showing the point of impact. If the throw is aimed at an NPC; they will be highlighted by a white outline, even through walls.

When thrown, the ranged weapon will fly in the set trajectory until it impacts the surface or NPC. Some weapons will be destroyed in the process, while others won't.

  • If it hits a surface or object, it will cause a distraction that will attract the attention of nearby NPCs, who'll go over to investigate the sound, allowing the player to sneak past them or get behind them for a takedown.
    • If the NPC notices the player- either before investigating the sound or during the investigation, they'll either aggro directly on to them, or get suspicious first. If they're suspicious at first, they'll soon go back to their regular routine. Forcing the player to distract them again with another ranged weapon.
  • If it hits an NPC, it will cause the NPC to go into combat. They'll also be fully aware of the player's position, unless the player is concealed.
    • If the player is already concealed, but throws the ranged weapon at an NPC, there's a split second in which they're fully exposed through their cover. If the NPC is facing the player's hiding spot while getting the ranged weapon thrown at them, they'll be able to see them through their cover no matter what.

Ranged weapons can also be used to trigger tripwires from a safe distance.

If the player wants to cancel the throw, they have to press the block button (right click for mouses, and left trigger for controllers.)

Buff LuckyBreak.png Locations[]

Weapons can be found pretty much anywhere, but are most commonly found inside of houses or on dead NPCs, they can also be bought from certain shops. The weapons taken from NPCs are commonly close to breaking, though sometimes they're completely intact.

Weapons with low durability can still be crafted into stronger weapons, though some require multiple weapons with low durability as they can appear as '0.5' in the crafting menu.

List of Weapons[]

Melee Weapons[]

Ranged Weapons[]

Removed Weapons[]

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