Watson is an alien robot enslaved by Dr. Faraday for cattle farming in They Came From Below.

Events of They Came from Below Edit

Prior to the events of the DLC, Watson was captured by Dr. Faraday on December 20th, 1960. Almost two years later, Watson helped Faraday enslave more robots, while secretly rebelling against her with other robots. Discovering this, Faraday tortured and dismantled them.

When encountering Roger Bacon, Watson tells him about Faraday's plans. Afterwards, he begs him to destroy him, but Roger refuses to do so, believing it to be murder.

In the end, a repaired Watson along with freed robots appear taking Dr Faraday back to their home planet for trial. Watson gives Roger the choice of coming with them, in order to convince their leaders to keep the portal gateway open to Earth.

Trivia Edit

  • The difference between Watson and the other robots is the added antennae on top of their head.
  • Watson is named after Dr John H. Watson from the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Watson's original name was Overseer_045, it's most likely he changed it. The other name they gave themselves was Overseer Darcy.
  • Watson is the only robot to not pose harm to Roger Bacon during the gameplay.

Gallery Edit

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