Wastrels, or Wastrellettes, are Wellies who have reacted badly to a bad batch of one of the three currently available flavours of Joy, causing permanent inability to take Joy at all. They are the first enemy the player encounters in the Garden District.


Wastrels and Wastrellettes are roughed up and dirty. They wear torn clothes that bear a similar appearance to the clothes that Wellies wear, some may have broken glasses and twigs in their hair.

They appear to be severely starved, not unlike the Wellies in Hamlyn Village.

All of the Wastrels, apart from a select few, have a randomized appearance. This is because they are mere background characters meant to populate the land.



Because of their inability to take Joy anymore, they are social outcasts forced to live in the Garden District, and are unable to get to the other areas in Wellington Wells.


Before becoming Wastrels, they were Wellies who lived in Hamlyn Village. It's only after they had a bad reaction to Joy that they first became Downers and got chased out of the Village. Growing a deep hatred for the people who chased them out.

As such, they attack players who dress properly and get suspicious of people who are high on Joy

If the player stays away from Joy and fine clothing they will be left alone the most part. However, a Wastrel high on a hallucinogen, or caught the plague, can still attack the player even if they're conforming. 

If talked to, and the Wastrels trust the player due to their clothing, they will gossip on their regret of their dark past or give the player survival tips. 

After 9 PM, the majority of Wastrels will disappear from the streets while Headboys begin to patrol the roads. The Wastrels will return at 7 AM. Note': Even if the player has the Nothing To See Here' skill unlocked, Headboys will still get aggressive towards the player if they catch them out during curfew. 


While a Wastrel can usually be killed easily using a medium-grade weapon like a pipe or shovel, they can be a lot harder to deal with if they attack as a group. Their weapons include their own fists, rocks, a branch, or a Double Knocker. Bleeding can be caused if they use a Pointy Stick

Killing Wastrels for items is not generally lucrative as the items they usually carry are low quality. 


There are things that will direct a Wastrel's attention to the player.  These include:

  • Attacking somebody
  • Breaking into and looting coin boxes from the phone booths
  • Carrying or searching a corpse
  • Picking locks with a Lockpick
  • Stealing items
  • Trespassing restricted areas
  • Using the Extractor to extract a car
  • Walking around in inappropriate clothes (or none at all)


Below is a list of items the player will get when looting the Wastrel's bodies:


See Wastrel's Quotes


Concept Art

In Game



  • Wastrels are people who cannot take Joy even if they wanted to, this is what makes them different from Downers, who can take Joy whenever, but refuse to.
    • A few select people in the Garden District who look like Wastrels are actually Downers, such as Dottie Lloyd-Ramsay.
  • In the early access version of We Happy Few, when approaching Wastrels they will tell the player to leave them be rudely, this doesn't happen anymore.
    • Wastrels also used to run up to the player begging for certain items, when given their requested items, they would give the player something back. This doesn't happen anymore either.
  • When looking at the female models, the top left show them wearing yellow dresses, these don't appear in the final release of the game.
  • The male Wastrel faces bear a striking resemblance to that of Guillaume Provost, the creative director behind Compulsion Games.
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