Waste Bin is a container that can be found throughout Wellington Wells. It appears as a colorful, metallic, cylinder-shaped trash can with circular lights all over it.

Versions Edit

There are three kinds of waste bins, one that is found on the streets and one that is found inside of Wellies houses. The bins on the streets are circular litter bins that have yellow, red, orange and green stripes all over it, there is no trash within the bin but there is a texture for a trashbag inside of it.

The bins inside of wellies homes are far smaller, feature the colors yellow, blue, green and red with a white stripe between each other, the inside of the trashcans are green and there is no kind of garbage inside of them.

Lastly, there are waste bins found inside of the Train Station, these bins are completely black with the red emblem of the executive committee on the front. They are also square instead of circular.

Location Edit

Waste bins can only be found in Hamlyn Village and in the Parade District, they tend to be close by Postboxes, benches or houses.

Loot Edit

Waste Bins spawn various kinds of loot for the player to collect. Once looted, they generate new loot the next day (not including waste bins inside of houses), so they can be a useful source for basic crafting components.

Loot found inside waste bins includes:

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