War of the Worlds is a Story Quest in They Came From Below DLC. It is brought up after Roger exits the escape hatch from the underground fascility.


  • Defeat the Robots 0/3
  • What's happening in the Village?
  • Kill the Robots 0/6
  • (Optional) Save at least 3 Citizens 5/3
  • Save the Village
  • Find Moo
  • Re-Enter the Facility

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Poor Viv! I must avenge her! From the sounds of it, the village is under attack! My god! These robots are running amok and killing people! I've got to stop them! I should save as many people as I can! Alright then. More robots. Suppose I don't have a choice. James! Is he alright? I've got to make sure he's all right! This seems a bit rash, honestly. Considering how things went the last time. But Moo insists.


After Roger exists the escape hatch, he witnesses the death of his friend Viv and has to kill off the robot that caused her death. After fending off the three robots, Roger runs to see what's happening in the village. A cutscene plays where Faraday is displayed on the head of a Headmistress, she also reveals that the robots are in fact alien. After defeating the hoard of robots attacking the village, Roger has to run home and check up on James and see if he is okay. He finds James by the hatch to their basement, to which James tells Roger that he's going back down to rescue Dr. Faraday himself and wants Roger to stay safe. Roger tells him that he is hurt and that he is obviously the one to do the job, James gets irritated at this but allows him to go back downstairs.


  • The name of the quest is a reference to the novel The War of the Worlds.
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