War Ration is a consumable food item in We Happy Few. War Rations are what remains of the food stores manufactured and stockpiled by the British military during World War II.

They are M.R.Es that were used to feed soldiers during the war and thanks to their long shelf life, they still remain fully edible 20 years later.

After the end of the war, most of the War Rations were left in the hands of the Home Army Soldiers on Ravensholm, although a small quantity of them have also trickled into civilian hands since then.

Properties Edit

War Rations are a very valuable item as they, like Victory Meat, are a highly nourishing food item that is neither spoiled nor contaminated with Joy.

Eating a War Ration will restore a large chunk of hunger and increase stamina for an extended period of time. In addition to that, eating it will also allow the player to temporarily regain health from standing in toxic fog instead of losing it.

War rations are very hard to come by since they rarely drop from Soldier bodies and they can only rarely be bought from the butcher. They can be found in greater abundance in the military camp and a handful of them can also be found inside the pantry of Lawrence MaClear's house.

Trivia Edit

  • The very first War Ration that the player can obtain in the game is located in the Headboy Camp, in the same set of rooms that the player is taught basic stealth in.
    • After that, the next set of War Rations can be found in the Victory Memorial Camp and lastly, in Lawrence Maclear's house. After that, they become much rarer.
  • In Cutty's Shop, the war rations have text that says "Mystery Meat" under the bull heads.


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