Sally's Old Toy Car.

Walkabout is a Story Mode side quest in We Happy Few. Arthur discovered the White Tree Park in Eel Pie Holm, for the quest to start, he needs to pick up Sally's Old Toy Car.


  • Eat Mushrooms Here Some Night..
  • Pursue Mum's Ghost.
  • Talk To Mum's Ghost.
  • Dig It.



Once Arthur picks up the old toy car, the quest begins.

He will state that he needs to return to the park between 9pm and 6am and be under hallucinatory effects. This can be achieved by consuming Histoplasma Mushrooms or drinking Strange Alcohol.

When these requirements are set in stone, Arthur's mother, Maeve, will appear in front of the tree. She will then float towards her grave, Arthur needs to follow after her. Headboys will become angered when seeing the player out after dark, but they can easily be ran away from.

Upon reaching the grave, Maeve will talk to Arthur, telling him that he can save a world and that he must be strong. Arthur is confused by this statement, in which she adds "Who saves one person saves a whole world". Arthur asks who he can save, to which she replies "Be strong, save the world" before disappearing into her grave.

Arthur will then state the following "why do I feel like I've done all of this before?".

Lastly, the player needs to dig up her grave, to which they will find Percy's Portrait. Ending the quest and gaining 5 skill points.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

I have the strangest feeling about this place. Like something's on the tip of my brain. Something about Sally, or...? If I took some of those mushrooms some night, it might loosen up the old grey matter.

Heavens, that's Mum! And... that's crazy. I scincerely hope I'm hallucinating.

That's Mum's grave! Who's been digging it up?

What is she trying to tell me?

What the hell?

Someone's been digging here. Not enough hole to take Mum out, thank heavens. Maybe someone buried something. I don't know, a power cell, maybel.

How did I know it was a power cell?

Have I been out here before?

Have I gone wakey wakey before?

What else can't I remember?

How do I save a world?


  • In earlier builds of the game, digging up her grave would yield a Power Cell instead of Percy's Portrait. The description for the quest has not been updated.
  • It is unknown who buried the portrait with Maeve.
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