It's not possible that she really wants me, is it? Because that is a consummation devoutly to be wished, and when you really want something that much, you tend to miss the signs that you have lost all touch with reality.

But for one shining moment, I was the hero at the end of the movie, and I got the girl, then I pulled away WHY DID YOU PULL AWAY ARTHUR?

Because I was plummeting to Earth and I had seconds grab a parachute.

I told her I was there about a Letter of Transit back to the City. She thought I was just there to see her again.

Which one is true? I've been lying to myself about so many things for so long I no longer trust myself at all.

Before the Great Lips Debacle I managed to bring up her Mum. Brilliant. She misses dear old Mum. The woman tried to poison her. And did in her entire fucking family.

Why did I tell her I'd get her cod liver oil?

Because she can get a Letter of Transit from jolly old General Byng. How is that man still a Vaguely Important Person after what he did in the war?

And because I can never say no to Sally. I could say no to Percy, but not to Sally. Why in Dog's name can I never say no to Sally?

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