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Below is a listing of most voice actors that performed in We Happy Few, They Came From Below, Lightbearer, and We All Fall Down.


The credits seen at the end of the game lists the voice actors, though it's severely inconsistent, crediting voice work of characters that don't appear in the final game, actors who either used to be in the game but isn't anymore, and voice work that wasn't used at all.

Because of this, this page aims to provide a proper Voice Actor credit list.

However, because most characters are left uncertain, the list is still incomplete.

We Happy Few[]

Image Name Character/s
Alex Wyndham Arthur Hastings (Adult)
Harry Baxendale Arthur Hastings (Child)
Charlotte Hope Sally Boyle
Allan James Cooke Ollie Starkey
Eric Liddell
Katherine Kingsley Victoria Byng
Bradley Henderson Percy Hastings
Jasper Fox Gwen Boyle
Eloise Webb Margaret Worthing
Julian Casey Uncle Jack
Chief Inspector Peters
Stephen Boxer General Robert Byng
Michael Shaeffer Anton Verloc
Spud Murphy
Mr. Hastings
Samantha Lee Helen Faraday
Gemma Olsen
Julia Chaney
Dottie Lloyd-Ramsay
The Weird Sisters
Amelia Tyler Mrs. Boyle
Cilla Humphreys
Fiona Adams
Jay Simon Johnny Bolton
Nick Lightbearer
Roger Bacon
Nigel Lawson
Cap'n Strawbeard
Davy Hackney
Ralph Chunder
Eric Liddell
Robin Goode
Joe Sims James Maxwell (Act II and III)
Edmund MacMillan
Reg Cutty
Lionel Castershire
Ed MacLear
Steve McDonald
Bill Ramsay
Mikey Forrester
Ugo Sassoon
Tony Robinow Harold Ridgwell
Memorial Camp Announcer
Joy Doctor
Simon Peacock Stewart Adams
Lionel Castershire
Shady Dealer
Thomas Lawrence
Benedick Keyes
Peter Thump
Harry Cavendish
Cassandra Wilson Margaret Oliphant
Tom Eastwood Richard Arkwright
Ryan Masher "Shitty Day" Kid
Kate Nichols Honour MacLear
Priss Mackenzie

They Came From Below[]

Image Name Character/s
Michael Shaeffer Roger Bacon
Joe Sims James Maxwell
Samantha Lee Helen Faraday
Peggy Allgood
Amelia Tyler Vivien Eastwood


Image Name Character/s
Neil Newbon Nick Lightbearer
Inel Tomlinson Virgil Dainty
Julian Casey Foggy Jack
Amelia Tyler Petunia Penny
Hotel Announcer
Joe Sims Richard Bates
Murray Davis
Morrie Memento
Jay Simon Burne-Jones

We All Fall Down[]

Image Name Character/s
Katherine Kingsley Victoria Byng
Stephen Boxer General Robert Byng
Maya Sondhi Maharajkumari Indira Devi
Michael Shaeffer Anton Verloc
Dickie Pride
Graham Kerr
Jay Simon Brian Jones
Samantha Lee Esta Robert

Unknown Actors[]

Image Name Character/s
Danny Defoe
Charles Peter
Hugh Gaitskell
James Maxwell (Act I)
William Godwin
Victoria Byng (Child)
Richard Kerr
Benedick Keyes
Margery Flowerdew
Shop Steward
Pte. Burton


  • Charlotte Hope (Sally Boyle) and Allen Cooke (Ollie Starkey) had some of their lines recorded in mid-2015, presumably only the ones for Arthur's Act. Interestingly, they didn't appear in the game until the final release in 2018.