Vivien Eastwood, otherwise called Viv, is the shopkeeper in Inis Holm, she is only encountered during the They Came From Below DLC.

Roger Bacon is tasked in getting a Shortspike, Toasted Chicory and a Healing Balm from her shop, all of which he gets after the cutscene with her.

The player can still buy more items from her, including the Unicorn Song. Though he won't be able to play it on any record players.

Events of We Happy FewEdit

They Came From Below DLCEdit

During the cutscene with Roger, she states that she knows about his and James' secret, though she believes they were irishmen at first and not in a homosexual relationship.

During the second part of the DLC she is found running away form a robot in terror before getting murdered by it.


  • From the right angle, the player can see that Viv is standing on a stool behind the counter.


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