This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found as a crumpled ball to the left on the ground amidst robot corpses immediately after the gondola ride stopped going forward.
"Robo-renegades? Did Dr. F lose control of these things?"
— Roger's statement after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit


I do not mean to alarm you, but I have distressing news to report. While pursuing the source of those glyphs scrawled about the facility, I came across an unsanctioned portal.

To my horror, I witnessed two robotic interlopers venture through. I followed them at a safe distance. While they were engaged in defacing the wall with another symbol, I took advantage of the element of surprise to disable them.

I thought it only fitting that their metallic components now make up part of the walls in the new laboratory. A swift visit to the Smelting Chamber and the deed was done.

And yet, disturbingly, after disassembling the neural units of a random selection of construction robots, I found traces of sympathy for these intruders in a small but significant percentage of the population.

I am instructing my, or rather, your, security underlings to increase their Suspicion and Apprehension levels by 35%, at least until this menace is contained. Any short-circuiting this causes will surely be worth the gains in security.

Yours in vigilance,


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