Victory Meat, or V-Meat, is a consumable food item in We Happy Few. It is one of the few forms of meat that is still sold in Hamlyn Village. It is collected, processed, and sold by Reg Cutty.

History Edit

With the food production of Wellington Wells having collapsed and all trade for food from the outside world having likewise stopped, Hamlyn Village was rapidly running out of food sources.

Now in the midst of a food crisis, the citizens of Hamlyn Village were on the edge of a major famine, which would further cut down the already declining population of Wellington Wells.

To prevent starvation from destroying society, Reg Cutty devised a sick, yet effective plan to feed the population: Using the recently deceased as meat. Implied to have killed some of them himself, Cutty would steal the bodies of dead Downers and/or Wastrels and then bring them to his butcher's shop.

Once there, Cutty would use his home-made machines to process the bodies into edible meat products, which would then be packed into blue tins and sold to various customers as "Victory Meat".

Events of We Happy Few Edit

During the side quest, The Slaughterer's Apprentice, Reg Cutty tasks Arthur Hastings with collecting a "suspicious package" for him. Arthur tracks down the package and brings it to Cutty, but in the process, he discovers it to be a human cadaver.

In response, Cutty knocks Arthur out with electricity and forces him to process the meat for him. Arthur is eventually able to break free and escape, and Cutty is subsequently arrested by the Bobbies, presumably ending the production of V-Meat.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Male Wastrels and Hooligans in the Garden District seem to be aware of the continents of V-Meat, as some of their combat phrases suggest; "You're V-meat!" and "Don't eat V-meat! Don't eat it!"
  • Reg may be distributing the V-meat to the Soldiers in the Victory Memorial Camp.
  • Victory-Meat could be the game's equivelant to Spam, a brand of canned cooked pork that got worldwide popularity during WWll.
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