The Note displayed in the game.

Dear Mistress Wanda:

i am so sorry about bursting into tears the other night. It was truly inappropriate when you were doing such fine work with the paddle. i am sorry i objected to being swadded later, especially since it was my idea to have you sing "Take the key and lock him up, my fair lady." i just meant it to be generally mocking, You know? it was not supposed to bring up old feelings in myself, let alone You.

i would be very grateful if You would punish me very harshly tonight. Please accuse me of being a truly wicked man. I have done things to an innocent person.

Please accuse me of being a coward for not leaving the constabulary. A real man would do the right thing and go off the blackberry.

Please accuse me of being a liar, for pretending to forget. A real man would face his nightmares.

Thank You, Mistress Wanda, for give us this safe and private place. What would we do without You.

Your devoted servant,
Bobby Hickinbotham

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