October 5

Dr. Robin Byron
St.Michael's Hospital
102 The Parade
Wellington Wells

My Dear Dr. Byron:

I spotted what seems to be a case of full blown plague in the Garden District. Of course, my colleagues and I immediately resolved the matter. I don't suppose anyone could have got across the Lud's Holm bridge? It would be well to check.

Assuming that vector is still shut off, then we must consider the plague to be possibly waterbourne. In that case, dumping the bodies of the victims in the river needs to cease forthwith, don't you think? It's bad enough what already gets through the filters at the water plant.

Hopefully we've nipped this outbreak in the bud. If not, we'll need to equip the constables with gas masks on Eel Pie as well.

Yours very truly,

St. John Keats, M.D.

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