Upsides for Downers
A Guide to Getting Back on Your Feet

If you're reading this pamphlet, it's time to face the truth: you're a Downer. And no matter what rumours you've heard about “bad batches” of Joy, you've no one but yourself to blame for your poor attitude.

Smart Downers will use their sojourns in the Garden District productively if they want to return home. The following are some handy tips for making the most of their stay.

THINK POSITIVELY. There's no sense throwing a pity party for yourself! Only a weak mind lets itself be bedeviled by useless images of the past. Look forward to the future!

EXERCISE. Keep trim and fit, and you will thrive in the unique environment of the Garden District.

HYGIENE. Don't come knocking at the gates with nasty case of the ickies! Wash your hands regularly (with unspoiled water of course)!

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