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Up a Tree.

Up a Tree is the name of a Memory for Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few. The memory is located next to the entrance of the dump in the Victory Memorial Camp.

Summary Edit

Mr. Hastings demands Arthur to get down from the tree he has climbed up on, to which Arthur disobediates him by staying in the tree and shouting that the Germans are taking the kids and that everyone except the kids themselves knows about it.

Mr. Hastings tries to convince his son that it's better there because they have cows in Germany, though Arthur doesn't buy it as he doesn't want to be taken as a hostage.

Eventually, Arthur agrees to climb down the tree for a cup of tea.

Transcript Edit

Mr. Hastings: "Arthur! Arthur!"

Mr. Hastings: "You get down from that tree before I chop it down!"

Arthur: "Do you know why they're registering us?"

Mr. Hastings: "The Germans love their lists, that's all!"

Arthur: "They're taking us away, on a train, to Germany!"

Arthur: "You know about it, don't you?"

Mr. Hastings: "Who told you that? It's ridiculous!"

Arthur: "Oh you all know about it! Just not the kids!"

Mr. Hastings: "Look! They got cows there! It's not gonna be powdered milk. They might even have chocolate."

Arthur: "Oh! Chocolate makes it all better!"

Mr. Hastings: "They got tanks, Arthur. Haven't you noticed? How are we supposed to argue with tanks?"

Arthur: "I don't want to go to Germany"

Mr. Hastings: "It's only for a little while. I think."

Arthur: "I don't want to be a hostage."

Mr. Hastings: "Calm down! Please have some tea."

Arthur: "All right... I'll come down."


Arthur: "Er... I think I might be stuck, actually."

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