Uncle Henry

Uncle Henry is the name of a Memory for Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few. It is located in Eel Pie Holm by a crashed plane in front of a mansion that also counts for the area's hatch location.

Summary Edit

Percy is wondering why Uncle Henry hasn't come back after Great Britain surrendered to Germany, Arthur is annoyed by this question as he simply cannot answer it himself.

Transcript Edit

Percy: "When is Uncle Henry coming back?"

Arthur: "I don't know."

Percy: "But we surrendered."

Arthur: "We did. Look, Dad won't talk about it. Maybe they drafted him."

Percy: "Can they do that?"

Arthur: "Who's going to stop them?"

Percy: "I can't hear you."

Arthur: "The Germans can do whatever they want. Until someone stops them. The Russians, for example."

Percy: "So why... So... So when is he ... So when is he coming back?"

Arthur: "I don't know, Percy. I don't know!"

Arthur: "The Germans don't explain things. They just give orders."

Percy: "Why?"

Arthur: "Well, Because... Because I don't know why. I'm sort of worried that he might have volenteered."

Percy: "I don't understand."

Arthur: "Probably for the best."

Trivia Edit

  • Drafting means to bring someone somewhere for a certain purpose.
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