1 July, 1947


By the authority of the Occupation Authority, all the children who will be under the age of 13 on 22 July  should now have been registered with the Town Clerk. Please present your children at the Wellington Wells train station on the morning of 22 July, at 9 a.m, for transport to Germany.

Enclosed is a list of clothing and supplies they will need for their voyage. Note that if your child has issues with bed-wetting, rubber pants and serviettes must be provided.

Prior to the voyage, school-age children should attend an all day orientation on 9 July at the Wellington Wells Comprehensive School (bring a lunch). Miss Victoria Byng will conduct an orientation for younger children on the 20 July, with songs and games to prepare them for their trip to Germany.

It is imperative that parents portray this travel as an exciting opportunity for the youngsters, so as to avoid anxiety on the train station. Please rest assured that the children's absence will only be temporary.

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