Tits Up Downer is a side quest in We Happy Few. It is activated during Act One when Arthur is traversing the streets of Maidenholm.


  • What's in his suitcase?

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Poor guy. I suppose he doesn't really need what he's got in his suitcase though. Right?


Within Maidenholm, there is the dead body of Billy Burgess on the streets with a suitcase, surrounded by three Bobbies. If the player were to get close to the restricted area, they will get a trespassing status.

The player will need to either distract or make them drunk using Scotch or Strange Alcohol in order to get what's from the corpse.

Collectibles Edit

Inside of the suitcase is a Note, as well as other randomized items.

The player will gain three Skill Points when the quest is completed.

Trivia Edit

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