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This is a listing of events and their dates throughout the story of We Happy Few, as well as the DLCs.


Early 1800's[]



  • 1858, The Indian Independence Movement begins.






  • The First Battle of Flowers takes place.
  • Victoria Byng is born (Exact date unknown)
  • 21st April, 1921, Gemma Olsen is born.



  • Verloc moves from London to Wellington Wells to escape the Blitz. He begins living with his uncle at age 14.
  • France is occupied by Germany, the Third French Republic ends.
  • 1942, Germany launches a full-scale invasion of Great Britain but is repelled.
  • 1943, Germany launches a second full-scale invasion and is successful, forcing Great Britain to surrender. The German occupation of Great Britain begins, and the Executive Committee is formed.
  • June, 1943, London falls down.
  • September, 1943, Birmingham falls down.
  • December, 1943, Manchester falls down.
  • 1945, Maeve O'Naill Hastings stops going to the market.
  • 9th August, 1945, Ernest Bower wins the garden prize.
  • 22nd August, 1945, Colonel Von Stauffenberg orders all residents to turn in their automobiles. Bolshevism Against Europe Gala at City Hall. General Byng and Victoria attend the Gala.
  • 2nd July, 1946, Margaret Worthing is crowned Junior Field Commander of the Battle of Flowers.
  • 7th May, 1947, General Robert Byng announces plans for the Authority Project to the public.
  • 4th June, 1947, Arthur and Percy wins the Scrap Drive Competition. Allen Unwin wins second place.
  • 20th July, 1947, Victoria Byng conducts orientation for the children registered for the Authority.
  • Tommy Cranmer, and Mr. and Mrs. Lashford attempted to burn the registry so that Germany couldn't take any children, the traitors are hanged on the the arch near Barrow Holm.
  • 21st July, 1947, Mrs Boyle poisons her family with foxglove (excluding Sally), in order to prevent Elizabeth and Anne Boyle from being taken away by the Authority.
  • 22nd July, 1947, Margaret Worthing is shot by the Germans for trying to escape the Authority. Several children are sent to Germany (including Percy) as part of the Authority, and Sally moves in with the Hastings.
  • 1948, Maeve O'Naill Hastings dies.
  • 10th August, 1949, The Soviet Union and the United States take Berlin. The German occupation of Great Britain ends.
  • 30th October, 1949, The Soviet Union takes over Madrid, Spain.


  • Mr Hastings at some point coerces Sally to sleep with him. Arthur finds out about this and angrily scares Sally out of the house.
  • The last aeroplane flies over Wellington Wells.
  • 12th April, 1950, Three women are killed in a Breeder Riot.
  • 12th June, 1950, The Executive Committee (with support from General Robert Byng) commissions Doctor Harry Haworth to develop a drug to calm the population of Wellington Wells, based on the pervitin-based fatigue pills from the German Occupational Authority.
  • 6th November 1951, Ranulph Alderly and three women are arrested for attacking Annie McCutcheon, related to the Breeder Riot.
  • 3rd March, 1952, Drug trials (possibly for Joy) qualify for success at the Royal Victoria Hospital.
  • 1953, Haworth's creation; Joy, clears trials and enters mass production. Mass production of Joy begins at Haworth Labs for the citizens of Wellington Wells.
  • 1954, Anton Verloc inherits his uncle's house.


  • 12th July, 1955, The Executive Committee orders Dr. Faraday to redo her calculations.
  • 19th February, 1956, Spankers are invented.
  • 13th May, 1956, Haworth writes to General Byng that, at the current rate of consumption, the supplies for Joy will eventually run out in the future, and that they should explore a physical, rather than chemical, modification.
  • 12th January, 1957, Faraday begins constructing portals through space.
  • 9th February, 1957, Dr. Verloc writes to General Byng regarding Haworth's phrenology project which may halt Joy production.
  • 1957, Dr. Verloc replaces Dr. Haworth as head of Haworth Labs (through trickery and manipulation).
  • 12th August, 1959, At 3:07am, Dr. Helen Faraday opens the first functioning portal through a star.
  • 12th July, 1959, Swimming in the rivers is banned due to toxic chemicals. These chemicals actually come from Haworth Labs, but it's kept secret.
  • 31st October, 1959, Dr. Faraday discovers that strange crystals (Thiomotilene, later shortened to Motilene) have begun growing in the caverns beneath her lab.


  • 29th February 1960, Faraday goes to Planet X (New Paisley) via the portal and finds a robot civilization.
  • 7th May 1960, Faraday is unable to find any lifeforms on the previously mentioned planet.
  • 9th May 1960, Faraday starts trying to lure in robots from the other end of the portal.
  • 25th November, 1960, Faraday learns that the Thiomotilene crystals can be used as a renewable fuel source for Wellington Wells.
  • 10th October, 1960, Harry Haworth applies Phrenology on five laboratory assistants.
  • 10th November, 1960, Harry Haworth is imprisoned by Anton Verloc.
  • 25th December, 1960, Faraday creates a new portal and successfully captures her first robot (Watson) through it.
  • 26th December, 1960, Faraday begins interrogating Watson.


  • 1961, Dr. Verloc starts thinking about developing a stronger version of Joy with permanent effects. Sally and Stewart Adams visit Haworth Labs, Sally writes to Anton about learning more from him about chemistry. Becomes his assistant soon afterwards.
  • 9th January, 1961, Faraday starts decoding Watson.
  • 15th February, 1961, Faraday teaches Watson to speak English.
  • Late-June, 1961, Sally proposes to Anton about talking to the Witches regarding the declining supply of Joy components.
  • 24th June, 1961, Faraday unveils her "discovery" of Motilene to the Executive Committee, Thiomotilene crystals spread under the Parade District, mining and refining of them begins shortly afterward.
  • Early-July, 1961, Anton denies Sally's proposal, but gives in eventually, creating Strawberry Joy with the help from the Witches.
  • 31st July, 1961, Faraday uses Watson to lure robots to be reprogrammed to dig through the caverns.
  • 30th September, 1961, Faraday begins to torture Watson to be her mechanical servant.
  • 4th November, 1961, Faraday expands an underground laboratory through caverns in the root cellar.
  • 25th December, 1961, Faraday begins constructing her underground facility using the robots as laborers.


  • 1st January, 1962, Victoria Byng is made Executive Counsel to the Executive Committee of Wellington Wells. A Happy-Face masks campaign becomes a success, and Faraday conditions robots to follow her instructions.
  • 7th January, 1962, The robots on the other side of the portal start trying to block the entrance.
  • 2nd March, 1962, Executive Committee denies Faraday's idea to introduce cars in Wellington Wells, instead makes her invent a device to clean dead bodies off the streets, leading her to make the Jubilators.
  • 21st March, 1962, Faraday learns the robots can communicate via ionization waves.
  • 20th April, 1962, Faraday invents a device to throw ionization waves.
  • 31st July, 1962, Faraday uses robots to build larger Downer Detectors.
  • 23rd October, 1962, At the behest of the Executive Committee, Dr. Faraday starts making agricultural robots to farm food for Wellington Wells.
  • 30th October, 1962, Faraday builds a plasma ray gun to stop with invading robots.
  • 16th November, 1962, The events of They Came From Below take place


  • 12th May, 1963, Employees of Haworth Labs in Ratholm quit their jobs, believing that the Joy Factory's waste water that causes Plague. Supervisor Jimmy Cardigan writes to Dr Verloc on this.
  • 16th May, 1963, The Hamlyn "O" Courant is awarded three Oracle Awards for "Outstanding Investigation In The Face of Danger", "Investigative Journalism" and "Outstanding Sports Reporting".
  • 11th November, 1963, Waste materials dumped from Haworth Labs creates mutant mushrooms that spread Plague.
  • Late 1963 - Early 1964, Sally is briefly kicked out of the lab by Anton after an argument. After talking to the Weird Sisters, Sally finds out that she's pregnant.


  • 1st - 7th February 1964, Sally breaks up with Anton and leaves him, taking the notes regarding Joy creation with her. She also establishes her own chemistry shop (Sally's Interplanetary Travel Agency) in St. George's Holm. The breakup becomes public knowledge, some women attempt to win Anton's heart near Valentine's.
  • Unspecified Date, somewhere in March - August, 1964, Sally invents Blackberry Joy and 'Sally Specials'. Both becomes popular amongst authority/high class figures.
  • 6th April, 1964, Last public sighting of Harry Haworth after a meeting with General Byng.
  • 9th April 1964, Harry Haworth is reported missing.
  • 3rd July 1964, Batch AB-2 passes, Batch AB-3 is tainted.
  • 4th July 1964, Batch CZ-4 is tainted.
  • 5th July 1964, Batches CZ-5 and CZ-6 are tainted.
  • 6th July 1964, Batch CZ.-7 passes.
  • August 1964, Sally's daughter, Gwen Boyle, is born. (exact date is unspecified)
  • 16th August 1964, West End of Waterloo District is quarantined.
  • 6th September 1964, Penelope Snug, Supervisor at the Jubilator Maintenance station, writes to Dr. Verloc about her workers having received a "bad batch of Joy".
  • 9th September 1964, Verloc secretly acknowledges issues with the new formula in testing for Joy and recommends doubling the dosage.
  • 12th September, 1964, Plague escapes from Haworth Labs on Ratholm, due to a Downer woman infecting the Doctor with his own concoction (an early version of Coconut Joy).
  • 22nd September 1964, Gemma Olsen is captured and experimented on with Verloc's new Joy formula at Haworth Labs.
  • 27th September 1964, Under the influence of "Bad Joy", some of the workers begin using live cables as sparklers in the underground Public Works, creating a dangerous health hazard. The worker superintendent at the underground Public Works on St. Georges Holm asks for his sector's power grid to be shut down so they can remove some hazardous "electrical artwork".
  • 29th September 1964, More and more workers are affected by "bad batches of Joy", causing them to become terminally stupid or downright insane.
  • 2nd October 1964, Several bad batches of Joy production are reported to Verloc.
  • 4th October 1964, Verloc is actively working on his "Permanent Solution"

Current Time[]

  • Between 8th - 9th of October 1964, Gemma Olsen escapes Haworth Labs but is eventually captured again by Doctors at her home.
  • 9th October 1964, Arthur Hastings stops taking his Joy after finding an old article about his brother, Percy.
  • 12th October 1964, The Plough Boys and Headboys join together with a peace offering.
  • 10th October and onwards, 1964, The events of We Happy Few and Lightbearer take place.
  • 23rd October, 1964, The events of We All Fall Down take place.