This Island Earth is a Story Quest in They Came From Below DLC. It happens right after Roger's beginning monologue.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

Healing balms... bandages...? I wonder what Dr. F needs them for. I hope Viv has everything in stock.

Peggy borrowed that modified bobby hat, and James says Dr. F wants it back. The helmet light does come in awfully handy when the lights are out. And it's fun to play with.

Well, that was terribly awkward. Poor girl just can't take a hint. That's enough excitement for one day! I better head home. I wonder what James made for lunch.


Roger head to Inis Holm to gather the items that Dr. Faraday needs, head over to the right and enter Viv's shop, after the cutscene the player will get all the needed items, though the player can still barter items from her if they so wish.

After that, head down the street to the right to Peggy's home and retrieve the bobby helmet. When that is done, head back home.


Items that the player will gather Edit

Toasted Chicory


Healing Balm

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest is a reference to the 1955 science fiction movie of the same name.
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