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Roger & James in They Came From Below (or They Came From Below) is the first downloadable content for We Happy Few. It is included in the We Happy Few Season Pass and can also be purchased individually on Windows, MAC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

The player takes the role of Roger Bacon, accompanied by his boyfriend, James Maxwell, who together try to find Dr. Faraday, who disappeared into a secret underground facility under her lab, filled with mysterious robot invaders.

Buff SluggerAgain.png Gameplay[]

Unlike the main game, the map of They Came From Below is not randomly generated, meaning that levels are hand crafted and exactly the same during every playthrough.

Certain aspects of the main game have also been removed, like Crafting and status effects/ailments, such as, Eating, Fatigue, Bleeding and Food Poisoning.

The player's main weapon is a Ray Gun, which has a range and melee mode. While the player controls Roger, James will be contacting Roger via a walkie-talkie throughout the game.

Buff PureBliss.png Plot[]


November 16, 1962 (Two years before the Fall of Wellington Wells)

Roger Bacon returns home from a shopping trip to discover Dr. Faraday's laboratory in chaos, and arrives just in time to discover Faraday falling through a portal in her laboratory. He quickly rouses James Maxwell, his boyfriend, who has been knocked unconscious, and together they set out to find Dr. Faraday.

After discovering the hatch to their hidden basement, Roger and James discover a massive facility beneath Faraday's lab, populated with hostile alien robots speaking in Faraday's voice. Together, they make their way through the facility to locate Dr. Faraday and Roger makes it through a violent robot invasion in Wellington Wells upon making it back to the lab.

Roger then meets a non hostile robot named Watson, who reveals that Dr. Faraday has been kidnapping and reprogramming the robots for slavery due to Wellington Wells running out of food, Roger takes this as a act of injustice, deciding to go against and stop Faraday's plans.

James grows increasingly distrustful of Roger as he proceeds to destroy the machines that Faraday is controlling, as Faraday declares that Roger's "services are no longer required" before walking away. James demands that Roger returns to him.

After an argument, a fistfight ensues between Roger and James.

Roger knocks James out, much to his own regret, before going to confront Faraday, who summons a Headmistress via the control panel within her observatory box above ground.

Whilst Roger fights the Headmistress, James arrives and throws a ring of Bangers at Faraday's Headmistress. Roger then finishes it off, and the damaged headmistress falls into the abyss below.

A group of freed robots lead by Watson emerge, much to the couple's fear, but Watson reassures them to not be scared. It explains that Faraday will face judgement for what she did to the robots, and go through "Constructive Service" to find the irregularities in her programming.

While Watson says they'll be closing the portals for good, Roger urges that they keep the portals open, as they have so much to learn from each other.

In the end, the player is given the choice if they should go with the robots with, or without James.

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