Outside of the pub.

The Wicker Man is a local pub located in the Village in Wellington Wells. As shown through Ollie Starkey's memory Moving House in Act Three, Ollie would spend most his time there drinking. After blowing up the Broadcast Tower Ollie is convinced by Margaret to move to the Garden District. Having told local patrons of his plans prior to doing so.

Trivia Edit

  • The name is a reference to British horror film The Wicker Man (1973), based on the novel Ritual (1967) by British actor and author David Pinner.
    • The pub used to be called "The Nobody Inn"
  • Jane Rowbothome is the only wellie operating the pub that is pre-made, the barkeepers in Arthur's and Ollie's Acts are randomly generated.
    • In earlier builds of the game, the male bartender was known as the "Mister Front Desk Guy"
  • There will be a sign outside of the pub advertising for Mrs Pankhurt's shop, it is only in Sally's Act as she is unable to craft any kinds of clothes.
  • Edmund Macmillan is well liked at the pub as he used to run errands for them before becoming a meat boy.
  • Cap'n Strawbeard lives one floor above the pub.

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