The Weird Sisters are three sisters named Nimue, Vivienne and Morgause, who live in Wellington Wells in the Garden District. supposedly witches.

They live on a small thunderstorm-covered hill called the Witch Peak on Lud's Holm.

History Edit

At a young age, Sally Boyle visited the witches in order for them to make her more girly, but they said that it was not needed. They told her to pretend to be that way instead, and also told her to save her chemistry skills for the future, seemingly aware of what was to happen to Wellington Wells.

At some point, they joined Harry Haworth's team, who were responsible for the creation of Joy, a decision that they would come to regret much later. Years later, they helped Sally Boyle decide what to do in regards to the fact that she was pregnant, and they helped her prepare for the baby's arrival.

They eventually went off Joy and became Wastrels, living in the Garden District on top of a hill. They worshipped an unnamed being that they simply referred to as the Goddess, however writing can be found by their chest that refers to the sisters as the "Cult of Hecate", who is the Goddess of Magic in Greek mythology. They also practiced "witchcraft" and "magic."

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act I Edit

Arthur Hastings can find the witches chest in the Garden District, containing random loot, some of it is useful, others hurt the player. The chest refills after a day.

Act II Edit

Several memories of the Weird Sisters can be discovered by Sally around Wellington Wells. Eventually, Sally needs help from the Sisters to replace her ingredients in order to make more Blackberry Joy for the Bobbies. They agree to help her, but first make Sally carry out several tasks.

The first task involves placing sacrificial bricks in a chest, which makes Sally stronger (and able to carry more). Sally then heads back for more orders, and receives some recipes.

The next task involves Sally investigating a disturbance at one of their holy sites, a miniature Stonehenge of sorts. There, Sally discovers a suicide cult planning to kill themselves with poison soon to move on to a higher plane of existence. Sally returns to the sisters, and asks them to help her stop the cultists.

The Sisters give Sally the recipe for a Digitalax Antidote, which makes the poison safe to drink.

After saving the cult followers and dealing with the leader, Sally returns to the Sisters, who finally tell her the ingredients needed to replace the ones that were destroyed.

Sally then thanks the Sisters and leaves to gather the ingredients needed.

Act III Edit

Ollie Starkey can find the witches chest in the Garden District, containing random loot, some of it is useful, others hurt the player. The chest refills after a day.

Trivia Edit

  • The Weird Sisters are based on the three witches of the same name from William Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
    • Their names are a reference to the Arturian Circle. Nimue (the Lady of the Lake who gave Arthur Excalibur), Vivienne (the witch who trapped Merlin inside a tree), and Morgause (the Queen who bears four sons whom later goes on to serve Arthur as the Knights of the Round Table).
  • At some point, they say "one who is three" and "three who are one." The phrase itself could be based on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity; one God is three Divine persons. The three people are distinct, but are one substance, essence, or nature.
    • With that in mind, it could be referring to how Arthur, Sally and Ollie (three distinct people with one shared 'nature') is the player (the one God).
    • It could also refer to the sisters themselves, as the three are distinct and share one 'nature.' Their one God could be the Greek Goddess Hecate, who is often depicted as three bodies. It could even be Hecate who the sisters worship.
  • Sally is skeptical that the Weird Sisters really use magic, claiming it could simply be herbal experimentation and chemistry with placebo effects. Although, she can't figure out how they appear and disappear suddenly, how their hill has constant lightning, or how they seem to know things she doesn't at first.


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