The Vandals Took the Handle is a side quest available for Sally Boyle to do that can appear within Lud's Holm.

Background Edit

While traversing the Garden District, Sally can happen upon a trio of wastrels whom are trying to repair a busted water pump. They approach Sally, asking her if she could assist them. Though she claims to be rubbish at tinkering, Sally obliges.

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Craft or Find a Water Filter Edit

To make a water filter, you'll need a metal tube, cloth scrap and some charcoal.

Fix the Broken Water Pump Edit

Go back to the wastrels and attempt to apply the water filter. Unsurprisingly, Sally fails at her repair job, enraging the wastrels who insist she did it on purpose. They'll go into combat and attempt to kill Sally in retaliation.

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Quest History Edit

  • Alpha: the quest was originally available for Arthur to complete, and it had a different methodology:
    • Instead of crafting a water filter, Arthur needed a Pump Repair Kit to fix up the pump.
    • Unlike Sally, Arthur succeeds in his endeavor, which opens up the pump for current and future use by him.

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