The Two Musketeers is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. This quest comes up after the cutscene outside of the old Government Printing Office with the Bobby, who informs Arthur that the Plassey Bridge is under construction and requires Dr. Faraday to fix it.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

I can't believe what an arse I made of myself to Sally. I'm not sure I even believe half the things I said. I better go find her house and grovel. It's somewhere on the King's Road, on St. George's Holm. Maybe there's a storefront for her Interplanetary Travel Agency. Heh. That'd be just like her.


Arthur will have to travel from Maidenholm to St. George's Holm to apologize to Sally, but before he can do that, he has to finish the quest, Finding Faraday. Once the quest is finished, Arthur has to get into her home from the back, where a Doctor is found patrolling back and forth. After climbing up on the platforms to reach her home's window, Arthur and Sally meets again in her living room.

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