The Scottish Play is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. Arthur has made it into The Train Station and found Ollie Starkey. Ollie wants to help Arthur get to the Parade District, but not before Arthur does something for him first.


In-Game Description Edit

How did Ollie get out? I better find a way out of here.

A crank for a crank. Perfect.

Ollie said he'd help me get to the Parade if I help him rob the Victory Memorial Camp. Oh, what fun. Who doesn't want to break into a lair of aging, heavily armed delusional maniacs aching to fight the next war?

I need to meet Ollie in the old German Bunker overlooking the Victory Memorial Camp. I'll need to cross the bridge to Ravensholm. That's when Ollie's going to make sure the guards are asleep.

A hole in the fence, in the dump? I suppose I'd better find the dump.


Players cannot leave the train station the way they came in (as they fell in through a hole in the ceiling) and will need to find a new way out. Once away from the train station, head towards the Inkerman Bridge marked on the map.

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