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Recommended Items Edit

  • A weapon or other means to incapaciate enemies

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Walk by The Wicker Man shop in St. George's Holm to receive the quest Edit

Cap'n Strawbeard notices you from the second story of The Wicker Man

Talk to Cap'n Stawbeard Edit

Cap'n Strawbeard wants his drinking buddy, a stuffed dog, back from the Plough Boys

Travel to the Plough Boy's Alley Edit

The Alley should be right next to The Wicker Man

Take back the Salty Dog Edit

Incapacitate the three Plough Boys, and use a lockpick to free the pupper

Give Cap'n Strawbeard the Salty Dog Edit

Exchange the dog for keys to all of his chests

Rewards Edit

  • Keys to all of the captain's chests
  • Within one of the chests is a Dig Spot
  • Ability to cut open the Salty Dog and find the Hope Diamond
  • 9 Experience Points

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