The club during the day.

The Reform Club is a fetish club that is only available in Act One in Maidenholm, The club opens at 9pm and closes at 7am. To enter, the player will need The Reform Club Invitation, it can be found on a bench in front of the building.


There are multiple ways to enter the club.

The player can wear a Rubber Cat Suit in order to bypass the Red Bobby guarding the entrance and fit in with the other fetishists, who will aggro on the player if they are witnessed without wearing the suit.

Alternatively, the player can enter through a locked window to the right of the club, there the player can get inside a room that has a vent which leads to the inside of the club as well as to the receptionists room.

Once inside, the player can watch fetishists shocking each other with a harmless version of the Electric Truncheon, the player can also find one lying on their own and use them to briefly stun fetishists. It won't do any actual damage towards anyone though.


  • memory, Caning,  can be found inside of the receptionists room.
  • A Note is taped on the wall close to the Red Bobby.


  • The Reform Club was originally named the House of Curious Behaviors.
  • There is a list that displays who is and isn't welcome in the club.
  • There is a notebook that reveals what they do to each other on each day of the week.
  • In the Alpha build, the Reform Club had a few differences:
    • The player had to not only wear the catsuit, but also pay 5 sovereigns to enter.
    • The bedroom next to the lockers had a different layout.
    • The closet was filled with Wellie mannequins, small promotional cards for the game scattered on the floor, female happy-face masks and an office name plate with the engraving "PAX 2016 Booth". There was no vent in the room either.
    • The player was able to unlock the doors to the performers, though the door would clip through the floor and the player wouldn't be able to get inside.
    • The music was slightly different.
    • There were no fetishists patrolling the area, only the guys dancing on the top floor.
    • Madame Wanda was wearing all red instead of the current yellow.
    • When zapping the dancers, they wouldn't fall to the floor. Instead they'd sway side to side hunched over.
    • Wanda's key was placed inside a chest instead of in the sofa.
    • The control box was next to the door and not behind the bookcase.
    • There was a small chest on Wanda's desk that the player could unlock to get loads of sovereigns from.


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