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'The Hippo Club/The House Of Doctors' is a location in We Happy Few that Arthur and Sally can come across during side/main quests.

Arthur has to infiltrate the building to get pituitary fluid from one of the doctors, though he can also do it to any doctor walking by on the streets.

Sally has to get to the top floor to get the doctors bag so it can be modified to carry her daughter Gwen out of Wellington Wells.

Overview Edit

There are six doctors inside of the house, three of which are stationary at the bottom floor, two patrol the second floor and the last one is sationed at the top floor.

When the player enters the house it will show that they're trespassing, meaning that it's best for them to sneak through the area and eliminate all of the doctors before it's safe to walk around regularly.

Because doctors can smell that the player isn't on Joy, the player will have to take Joy or sunshine in order to sneak around undetected.


  • The sign at the front entrance say "Hippocrattic Club", though the "crattic" part of the sign is gone.
    • Hippocrates, the person referred to on the sign, is considered to be the "father of medicine". The Joy Doctors in-game presumably learn everything about medicine from his testaments.
    • Another sign to the left of the front door display "Home for Wayward Girls", wayward means to be unruly or disobedient.
  • There are multiple notes inside of the house that give insight on how they live together.
  • On the piano is sheet music for a song called "We Happy Hippos". This is a reference to the game title We Happy Few.
  • There are tin can telephones in all the Doctor's rooms, to hear intruders.
  • Diary of a Wayward Girl can be found on the top floor.
  • Doctor Hughes is responsible for the Hippo Club's bad condition, rubbish bags surrounding the house, windows barred up, clogged up toilets with toilet paper rolls, broken fences and broken equipment.
  • A bench blocks the entrance gate, but a gap in the fence leads into the yard.


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