The Golden Knocker is a solid golden version of the regular headknocker that can be stolen by Arthur Hastings in Act I, it's in the locked case at the Reform Club.

The Golden Knocker is indestructable, meaning it can be used to club enemies to death without it ever breaking. It's a good early weapon until the player finds weapons that deal more damage.

Getting the Weapon Edit

To get the Golden Knocker, the player has to find Madame Wanda's key, the key is located in the couch in the rumpus room. Because the fetishists will react if the player steals anything in the building, it's best to zap them all first with The "Tickler".

After getting the key, the player can return it to Wanda to complete the quest, the player can take her out afterwards to get the key back.

The display is alarmed, the player has to press the button on the side of the desk to move a bookcase, revealing a control box. Use a shortspike on the control box to disable the alarm. Now the player can unlock the case and get the knocker.

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