The Extractor is a device that the player recieves We Happy Few. It is mainly used to recieve advanced machine bits and TNT, the player will recieve two machine bits from Cars as well as one machine bit and one TNT from Dud German Bombs.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur recieves the extractor from Dr. Faraday during the quest, The Faraday Cage. He uses this device to gather three Special Machine Bits for her from three cars located throughout Lud's Holm. It is also during this quest where he gets the Motilene Harvester, which he will also keep.

Act Two Edit


Act Three Edit


Crafting Edit

During Sandbox Mode, the player has to craft the Extractor in order to obtain it, the items the player will need are:

Trivia Edit

  • The noises that the extractor makes reminds Arthur of the train.
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