The English Vice is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. This quest is unlocked after talking to the Bobbies at the Wellington Wells Constabulary, where he learns that Constable Hickinbotham was supposed to go to Dr. Faraday's location but instead went to the Reform Club as he felt too guilty for her situation.


  • (Optional) Score an invitation.
  • Steal Bobby Hickinbotham's Credentials
  • Cross the bridge to Lud's Holm

In-Game DescriptionEdit

How do I score an invitation? Oh, certain persons would know, I'm sure. But I'm not certain persons, am I?

Hopefully I can use them to get across the bridge to Lud's Holm.

Success! Off I go to scenic Lud's Holm.


Arthur travels to the Reform Club to get the credentials of Constable Hickingbotham in order to visit Dr. Faraday in Lud's Holm. The player can get an invitation to the club from the bench on the right side of the entrance, after showing it up to the intercom the player is allowed inside.

The credentials will be on the second floor of the club, simply gather them when no one is looking.

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