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The 'Authority' Project, also referred to as ”The Very Bad Thing” is a mysterious project which involved the British citizens giving up their children to Germany for unknown reasons. The children had to be younger than 13 to go.

Events of The Project Edit

20th July 1947 Edit

Three people burned the documents that the occupying German forces needed for the 'Authority' project, an act that led to the people of Wellington Wells summarily executing three townspeople accused of the act to appease the Germans, though they weren't ordered to do so.

21st July 1947 Edit

Mrs. Boyle poisoned her family to keep her daughters, Elizabeth and Anne, from being taken by The Authority, leaving Sally the sole survivor.

22nd July 1947 Edit

Jack Worthing attempted to hide his daughter, but Ollie ratted them out and got her killed by the German soldiers.

Percival Hastings was over the required age to go, but he ended up volunteering to accompany his brother, Arthur Hastings. Arthur, however, didn't get on the train. By impersonating as Percy and lying to Chief Inspector Peters, who was suspicious at first but eventually got convinced, telling Arthur to go back home. Percy was ultimately abandoned.

Aftermath Edit

The people of Wellington Wells are deeply traumatized by this event, to the point where they couldn't have children without being reminded of what happened to those who were sent to Germany. The lingering sorrow from these events was so detrimental that General Byng requested that Harry Haworth produce a drug to cheer everyone up (it is unclear as to whether Joy's contraceptive properties were intentional or were simply a coincidental side-effect).

10th of October and forward Edit

Not many people knew what the 'Authority' Project was about, and even one of the main enforcers of the project, General Byng, admitted that he did not know the true meaning of the Project. According to him, only Colonel Von Stauffenberg knew the truth about the Authority.

Trivia Edit

  • It's never explicitly stated in the game what happens to the children. It's more or less left up to the player's own interpretation.
    • It's possible that the children were transported to Germany as hostages.
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