The "No Questions Axe", or Flaming Axe, is a melee weapon in We Happy Few.

It is a regular Axe (or hatchet) that has been extensively modified with the attachment of an assembly of parts to the back of the ax head.

It contains a power cell, a blowtorch burner aimed at the ax blade, a fuel tank, two hoses connecting everything together alongside various other bits and a rope wrapped around the handle. with the bottom of the handle sporting what appears to be a trigger handle that's been taped so the blowtorch is forever on.

The ax blade glows faintly red and emits firey sparks.

Overview Edit

The Flaming Axe is a highly powerful weapon. In terms of damage, it is actually the second-most powerful melee weapon in the entire game (behind The "Sandman") and can easily kill most enemies in just a couple strikes or so, with an exception for higher difficulties.

It is also decently durable and is capable of potentially setting targets on fire, causing additional damage. All while weighing only 3 lb.

The Flaming Axe is a very rare weapon that is not encountered until very late into the game, where it can be found being wielded by Wellies and Bobbies in the Parade District.

In addition to that, Ollie is capable of crafting the weapon, although he has to obtain the crafting recipe first and must have access to an upgraded workbench.

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Trivia Edit

  • The name of the weapon is a pun on the phrase "No questions asked."
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