Sunshine is a craftable drug which essentially functions as counterfeit Joy. When consumed, Sunshine makes the playable character appear as if they're on Joy without them actually being on it.

Because Sunshine is not Joy, it lacks all the negative parts that Joy has while keeping all of the positives, such as being able to pass through Downer Detectors or Joy Doctors ignoring the player.

Taking Sunshine does not raise the Joy meter, so the player can take as much Sunshine as they want and never worry about suffering through Memory Loss.

Finding the recipe for Sunshine may prove to be the most difficult since its recipe can generate anywhere in the world. As a tip, search any and all areas in the Garden District for a Workbench or Chemistry Set, as they have a chance of having a recipe or two on top of them.

Crafting Edit

In older builds, the crafting recipe for Sunshine was the following:

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Trivia Edit

  • In older versions of the game, the recipe for Sunshine was aquired by doing the It's A Terrible Life side quest. However, getting the recipe back then was extremely difficult because the possibility of the quest generating at all was up to random chance.
  • In the 1960's, Orange Sunshine was essentially LSD but much stronger, Sunshine may be a reference to this.
    • The pill in the game greatly resembles Orange Sunshine blotter.
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