the kind, dear, sweet old general would like nothing better than to take care of me while the world burns. i am sure he wouldn't want anything in return.

he wants to get gwen out. WITHOUT ME.

i'm such a rubbish mum she'd probably be better off wouldn't she. if i were a really good mum i'd make the sacrifice

i cant give you up gwen. i'm sorry i just cant.

o god i remember the babies after the war, before everyone got on joy and we stopped having them. they upset everyone so. i always wondered where they went, after. no one talked about it. usually the mums went with. sometimes the baby was just suddenly gone. sometimes they found the baby and the mum, later.

i don't want to play house with the general. i want to vomit.

wait. the boat. there's a boat. he has a boat. i could steal it. fix it up first then steal it.

now i can go see Arthur again, and give him a letter of transit. and he'll have that cod liver oi l and we can take the boat off this cursed archipelago

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