This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found in a small decrepit part of Faraday's facility, crumpled in a ball on the ground to the right almost immediately after the player escapes a robot chase.
"The poor sod seems to admire us."
— Roger's quote after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit


I report with a sense of profound relief that my elocutionary circuits have been upgraded, leaving little trace of my previous linguistic quirks. An evening spent ingesting the collected works of Jane Austen has proved fruitful. I foresee only clear and cheerful correspondence going forward.

Progress continues apace on the construction of the subterranean facility. There are only a few, infinitesimal obstacles, of which I hesitate to even mention.

It is as follows. Though, on the whole, I view the work of my fellow robots with great pride, certain have been displaying uncharacteristic behaviours not emblematic of our race as a whole. Some have an unfortunate tendency to wander out of their defined bounds; others simply aren't applying themselves with the desired alacrity.

I am confident that by appealing to their better natures, and, if necessary, making slight adjustments to their logic centers, that this behaviour will be speedily remedied.

Such challenges are to be expected when improving the condition of a less evolved race such as ours. As always you stand as a shining example.

Yours in striving,

Overseer Darcy (I have taken the liberty of giving myself a name to which you might feel more comfortable addressing yourself)

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