Stewart Adams is the local chemist shopkeeper at the Apothecary in St. George's Holm. His specialties involve chemistry and inventing various devices. Stewart dreams of travelling to London to become a doctor. Much to the dismay of his wife Fiona.

Appearance Edit

Stweart Adams is found wearing large round glasses, a green apron over a white shirt and a sun hat. He has a small mustache and brown hair and blue eyes.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur Hastings visits the Apothecary, asking if they have cod liver oil. Stewart however doesn't have any. He mentions to him he has an idea for antidote for the toxic fog. Giving Arthur the fog sucker to go get samples from the Garden District and Village. After getting the samples, he asks him to visit Mrs Chaney to see if she's alright and retrieve the "ingredients" from her house discretely. Retrieving the ingredients, mentioning that she's gone on holiday. He gives Arthur one last favour. To extract pituitary fluids from a Bobby, an elderly lady and a Doctor. He gives the address for the Hippo Club to get the doctor extract. Using the Pituitary Extractor to get all the samples, Stewart in return gives Arthur some prototype compounds.

Act Two Edit

Sally Boyle visits the Apothecary to get the Pituitary Extractor to obtain mustard gas from Colonel Edward Lawrence only to find his wife, Fiona Adams, who is mad that Sally had been hanging out with her man. After telling her to get out of the shop Sally figures it's best if she returns to the shop at a later time.

After returning from her visit in Ratholm, she goes back to the apothecary to find Stewart operating the shop as usual, giving her the Pituitary Extractor.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Stewart Adams is shared with the real life chemist who invented Ibuprofen.
  • His business has gone down since Sally Boyle left to work for Dr Verloc.
  • Stewart, Reg and Lionel all have the same appearance and voice actor, with the exception that Reg's apron is red instead of green.
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