Steath is the player's ability to 'hide' from NPC's. In the initial zone, this is not really nessessary as most non-playable characters ignore the player's charcter as long as things are not stolen while they are watching. It is just as easy to let them move on before stealing items. As the player progresses however, using stealth is required. Players can stealth by using the Crouch function in their controls. Doing so in front of an NPC will only raise their suspicion more (and make the character seem 'silly') but crouching prior to being seen and staying in that position while moving will make the player somewhat less likely to be spotted. Stealth reduces movement speed. It is also to be noted that some Npc's become more suspicions when seeing the player crouch then others will an example would be that the player crouches in front of a Wastrel they would most likely not be as suspicious as if the player were to crouch in front of a Wellie or a Bobby